Are Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Worth The Money?

Dryer vent cleaning

One of the best friends of a cleanliness freak in a rainy season may probably be the cloth drier. Be it a professional, a housewife or a bachelor, to wear clean clothes, laundry has to be done daily and the dryer comes as a relief in the wet spell of the climate. Using a drier is very easy, but not everyone becomes keen to keep the dryer in good condition unless their utility actually comes to a standstill.

After all, it is a machine and it needs your help to be maintained. The biggest nuisance may be the clogging of the dryer vent by the collection of debris, fabric thread, lint and hair after spinning the clothes. Dryer vent cleaning has to be done regularly and carefully. Not only does it reduce the efficiency of the appliance but also create fire hazards, pest infection and cloth spoilage.

Can you do it yourself?

If you can take out enough time to check out the vent and clean dryer vent pipe for yourself, then there is nothing better. However, given the lack of time for which you might be using the drier, finding extra time to clean the cleaning and drying machine might be next to impossible. Some may also lack the technical confidence in cleaning the vent, though it does not require much sophistication. Doing it yourself will not only make you handy in running your daily household appliance but also save your pocket from the servicing expense.

clean dryer vent pipe

Taking the professional help

For several reasons, most of you might consider employing a vent servicing company for cleaning dryer vent and maintain the machine safely. There are a lot many of them charging from earth to the moon and providing all kinds of dryer vent cleaning services. Choosing the right services at the right cost determines the life, functioning and the worth of the money you spend for the machine. A proper research and survey are required before fixing the service.

Do not end up paying 900 bucks for a service which is available at much less 150 bucks. However, going for a too low priced dryer duct cleaning company may harm you more than serving your purpose.  Make sure not to fall for false faults with your home systems, often identified by the visiting company just to increase their charges. The service personnel can rightly identify the clogged dryer vent and clean dryer duct. Continuing with the same dryer vent cleaner helps to keep up the familiarity with the appliance and schedule possible future maintenance.

Is the penny really worth?

You may consider that paying an external person for cleaning the vent of the dryer may be an unnecessary expenditure and that the issue of clogging is something passable. This can be a disastrous decision as the accumulated exhaust gas of the dryer can cause a home fire. This is apart from the comparatively minor problems of short-circuiting, higher power consumption, unsatisfactory working, short circuit, overheating of the house, pest infestation etc.

dryer vent cleaning services

When you seek the help of a dryer vent cleaning service, they not only clean your appliance, but ensure its timely maintenance, and functioning. You just need to be cautious in their method of work and charges levied.

So considering your precious time, favorite clothes, easy housekeeping and most importantly, your family and house, paying for a trustworthy and reliable vent cleaning service provider can be a wise step.

5 Reasons Why A Clean Dryer Vent Is Good For Your Home

cleaning of the dryer vent

If you are a homeowner, you are obviously aware of the huge convenience home appliances can bring to daily chores. However, it is often a routine habit to neglect the maintenance of these appliances until they break down.

While many appliances can go back to being good with maintenance, there are some like a washing machine that can be potentially life threatening if not maintained well.

The dryer vent of the washing machine tends to get clogged with the accumulation of lint and debris from the clothes. This lint blocks the airflow and causes some serious hazards.

These hazards can be easily avoided if the dryer vent cleaning is done regularly. Let us consider some potential hazards that can be avoided if the dryer vent is kept clean.

Fire Hazard

A clogged dryer vent is one of the commonest causes of a fire. The blocked airflow restricts the passage of gases. Additionally, lint is extremely inflammable and so may cause a fire hazard.

A clogged dryer vent is responsible for claiming thousands of lives annually due to a fire hazard. This situation can be easily avoided with a clean dryer duct.

Release of poisonous gases

dryer duct cleaningYet another hazard of a blocked dryer duct are the dangerous gas fumes which are released in the washing machine. These poisonous fumes like carbon monoxide which are supposed to be released from the vent end up inside your house if the dryer vent is clogged up.

This could cause a life threatening situation in the house if the dryer duct cleaning is not done from time to time.

Excessive energy consumption

If the dryer vent is blocked the air flow will be restricted. So obviously the hot moist air that dries the clothes cannot move out easily. If your dryer vent is not clean, the washing machine ends up taking double or even triple the amount of time to dry the clothes. The clothes may still even come out wet.

This causes consuming a minimum of 30% more energy as compared to a regular well-maintained washing machine.

Along with that, if the machine has to work twice or even thrice the amount of time to clean a set of clothes, it puts tremendous pressure on the machine. This causes the machine’s life to reduce drastically. Which means it will not last as long as it would have, had there been a clean dryer duct.

Rodents and birds nesting in the open flap

If the lint collection in your dryer vent is excessive then it will also obstruct the duct hood flap from opening and closing normally. The lint collection will cause the flap to remain slightly open. A warm open flap is like an invitation for birds and rodents to come and reside especially during winters.

This also can be easily avoided with regular cleaning of the dryer vent. The lint accumulation will stop and the flap will be able to close just like it is supposed to. Preventing birds and rodents from making your vent flap their home. Dryer vent cleaning services need to be brought to use to prevent this.

clogged dryer vent

Mold related health concerns

The interiors of a washing machine tend to remain moist if there is lint accumulation in the dryer vent. This could become a conducive environment for the growth of mold. This mold could grow and spread through the air in your home giving rise to mold related health concerns.

All these situations can be easily avoided by simply checking your dryer vent a couple of times a year. And so a clean dry vent is good for your home.

How To Stop Getting Victimized From Duct Cleaning Scam

home air duct cleaning services

There are various fraudulent services who lure gullible consumers by tempting them with low prices. One such example is air duct cleaning companies.

It is not uncommon to find these companies offering their air duct cleaning services for rates so low that many people fall prey to them. Despite the awareness, many people still end up being victimized by this air duct cleaning scam.

How Air Duct Cleaning Companies Get Your Attention?

  • Low prices:
    The easiest way for an incompetent vent cleaning service to get your attention is by offering unbelievable low prices. The goal of such companies or contractors is only to get money from any unsuspecting customers.
  • Health concerns:
    After telling you about their low prices their cost quickly changes after they visit the location where vent cleaning is required. They would tell you about the presence of mold in the duct system and use health concerns as an effective tactic.

Some of them may stress about how unsafe the location is and say that you must leave the place for health reasons.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Tips to Keep in Mind to Avoid Getting Victimized

  • Check the price:
    The offer of a ridiculously low price is one of the best signs to keep in mind to avoid falling prey to any bogus air vent cleaning service. It is always best to stay away from these too good to be true offers.
    A good practice would be to ask for a quote on the phone before the first visit. Sometimes it might not be possible to get a quote but it is worth a try.
    A low price may also denote that the company may adopt shortcuts to provide their services.Usually, any good quality service will charge a higher cost and will be worth it in the long run.
  • Check the time taken:
    On an average, the time taken to get the air duct cleaning could be anywhere between three to four hours. Stay away from contractors who offer to do the job in an hour. They would only use basic equipment such as a vacuum cleaner and this will not accomplish the task properly.
    A reliable vent cleaning service would use good and proper equipment and clean all the various components of the system thoroughly.
  • Research well:
    With so many air duct cleaners offering their services, it becomes the responsibility of the homeowner to choose a reliable one. Always look for certified professionals who deal with customers patiently and politely. They must be able to address all the questions and concerns in a calm manner.

Check The Contracts

Also, check that the contracts are simple and do not have any hidden charges included. The company must have an online presence such as a website where you can see pictures of the work that they have performed. You can look for online reviews which give you a fair idea about the quality of work and the reputation of the vent cleaners.


Having the required information about a company which provides duct cleaning services can ensure that you do not have to deal with a scam. There are companies who are honest and reliable and can give you a fair price for the home air duct cleaning services. It is all about finding a balance so that you do not have to lose your hard-earned money.

Top 5 hazards of a dirty air duct

dirty air ducts

Every year, the amount spent on air duct cleaning services is increasing. There are people who choose to do it themselves too. But once in a while, some professional duct cleaning services might be required to indoor absolute safety and maintenance of the air ducts.

Air ducts are not in the visible zone. So they might often be ignored. When was the last time you cleaned your air duct? If you haven’t done it anytime in the recent past, now would be a good time to do it. Did you know that indoor air is said to be more polluted than outdoor air? A dirty air duct can aggravate the condition. Here are some of the harmful effects associated with dirty air ducts:

Deterioration of the quality of indoor air

The system which is supposed to be regulating and conditioning your indoor air would end up polluting it if the air ducts are dirty. Most people rely on duct cleaning services regularly mainly to maintain the quality of the indoor air. Especially during the pollen season, if there are pollen and fine dust in the air duct it would cause a lot of problems. No matter how good the filter is, some fine dust might always manage to get through. Regularly vent cleaning can help eliminate them and thus keep a check on the indoor air quality.

indoor air quality

Allergies and respiratory issues

The fine dust let through due to dirty air ducts might often go unnoticed. You might not always be able to see the suspended particles. When you operate with dirty air ducts then it might result in respiratory conditions. Unexplained allergies, cough and other respiratory illness of any family member would be a possible sign that it is time for air vent cleaning.

Mold and pest infestation

If the fine dust and allergens accumulated in your air duct are pretty less, the ducts still need cleaning. Dirty ducts might easily allow the growth of mildew and mold. Moisture in the air would assist the growth of mold. This would further worsen the indoor air quality. In worse cases, you would begin noticing a musty odor indoors due to the mold growth in the ducts. This, when left unnoticed, would be followed by rodent and insect infestation and the condition only gets worse. So it is better to opt for a vent cleaning service on time.

An increase in energy bills

Dust and dirt in the duct can sometimes lead to clogging. A dirty air duct would cause additional strain on your HVAC system. So you would start noticing an increase in the energy bills even when your consumption pattern hasn’t changed.

air duct cleaning services

Fire hazards

If there is a lot of fine dust and debris collected in the duct there are other dangers associated. There are numerous cases of house fires reported due to dirty air ducts. Especially in the cases where there are pets at home, if pet hair, fabric lint and other similar particles get accumulated in the air ducts they prove dangerous. They can sometimes lead to static and cause fires.

whenever you need air duct cleaning Houston provider call pure airways.

Knowing the hazards associated with dirty air ducts, plan a vent cleaning soon and keep your family safe.

When do you need to clean your air duct?

Home air duct cleaning is one of the most neglected tasks. It is also one of the most important tasks. Often there aren’t many evident indicators of dirty air ducts. This is one main reason why people only hire air duct cleaning companies when the condition gets worse already.

If you choose to regularly clean the air ducts you might be able to do it yourself, provided you have the right tools.

How frequently should you be performing air vent cleaning?

Air duct cleaning services aren’t cheap. And unless you hire a reliable vendor there is no guarantee that you would get quality service for the money paid. Before getting into the stage of hiring a service, you should first understand how often air duct cleaning has to be done.

clean the air ducts

Though vent cleaning is essential it doesn’t have to be done every month. For an average household, duct cleaning services might only be needed once in 3-5 years.

For Pet owners

For pet owners however the frequency would differ based on how much the pet sheds. During the seasons where the pet sheds there might be a lot of hair and fur getting collected in the vents.

For New Homes

For a newly constructed house, cleaning the air duct once before moving in would be a good choice. During the construction there might be a lot of debris accumulated in the ducts.

Most Common Areas That Need Air Duct Cleaning

there are always some places that need more often air duct cleaning services than others. for example, Dallas, Texas, since that Texas is a big open country and there a lot of dust in the air the air duct systems over there get dirty very often and because of that it’s better to use air duct cleaning Dallas service every 6 months.

Rental / Remodeled Homes

If you are moving in to a house, new or rented, it would be a good choice to hire duct cleaning services. Even after major remodeling and renovation projects air ducts might have to be cleaned.

air duct cleaning companies

Indications that your air duct needs cleaning

The above mentioned cases are generic. If there are any particular issues that are to be addressed, like say mold infestation your might have to immediately hire vent cleaning service.

  1. If you see visible growth of mold and mildew on the vent approach reliable air duct cleaning companies at once. Mold and mildew might cause fine particle to be suspended in the indoor air. This would deteriorate the indoor air purity. It would also result in a musty smell sometimes when things get worse.
  2. When you turn on the HVAC system of the house, if you notice dust coming from the vents, it should not be ignored.
  3. Accumulation of debris in supply registers is another thing to look out for. When there is a lot of lint and pet hair these might often enter the vents and eventually deposit in the supply registers.
  4. If you suddenly find flying insect infestation in the house or rodent infestation, check your vents. Sometimes dirty air ducts cause pest infestation. Vermin infestation in the house is associated with a lot of causes. But dirty air ducts is one of the main causes that you might not often think of.

Cleaning the air ducts regularly would ensure that your HVAC systems function efficiently. It would help maintain the system and prevent frequent repairs. This would also result in better indoor air quality.

Top 5 Hazards Of An Uninsulated Attic

utility bills by opting for blown attic insulation

An uninsulated attic calls for many hazards and disadvantages that can easily be avoided. Providing adequate and time insulation can save you a lot of unwanted problems and hassles and sheer negligence of ignorance of not knowing the hazards of uninsulated attics can prove to be an expensive and harmful decision.Uninsulated attics pose a lot of potential dangers and hazards for your family and home and cause a host of problems some of which are listed and discussed below-

Damage from moisture

In uninsulated attics, there is always a risk of moisture and dampness getting trapped inside this may lead to condensation and further lead to the formation of ice dams. Moisture also causes cracks and is a breeding ground for dangerous mold. Once the mold starts growing it also creates very foul smells. This may cause irreversible long-term damage. Blown in insulation helps to reduce moisture in attics and helps to keep it dry.

attic insulation blown in

Increased Allergies

Uninsulated attics are a really serious cause of allergies as they are prone to collect dust mites and other types of fungus and mold growth which may trigger a host of allergic reactions. Using blown attic insulation reduces the chances of allergy in the attics and this type of insulation uses absolutely virgin materials which have minimal chances of causing allergies.

Poor thermal performance

In uninsulated attics, the temperatures in winter are absolutely chilling and in summers the hot air seeps in through gaps in the ventilation causing the inside heat to rise up and decreases the temperature of the rooms in the winters. This is truer for the rooms directly beneath the attic. In blown in attic insulation, the blown material is much smaller and gets into the tiny cracks and crevices of your attic and does not allow any air to leak into the rest of the house.

Poor sound absorption

in many homes, people use the attic as a place to work or tinker around, or a place for playing music. In such homes insulating the attic is very essential. Firstly, for comfort and secondly for noise reduction.Uninsulated attics will cause a lot of disturbance to the other family members who are busy trying to concentrate on other jobs. for noise reduction attic insulation blown in is a very good option.

use the attic as a place to work

Bigger electricity bills

Due to their fairly large size attic insulation always takes a backseat. As attics do not get the insulation they actually require they become extremely hot is summer or very cold in winter. The air conditioning/insulation system inside the house is always in the process of heating or cooling floors below the attic. By avoiding or leaving attics uninsulated you are forcing your heating and cooling systems in the house to overwork, thus unnecessarily skyrocketing your electricity bills. Save money on your utility bills by opting for blown attic insulation.

After seeing the various hazards that can be caused by not insulating attics it is a wise decision to go in for blown insulation as this not only prevents heat and other hazards it also greatly lowers energy expenditure by lowering additional heating and cooling costs.

What Are The Costs Involved In Air Duct Cleaning?

trustworthy air duct cleaning company

You are on the lookout for a reliable and trustworthy air duct cleaning company that does an efficient job. But you do not know whom to contact and how to approach the whole problem. And if you are at a loss as to the various costs involved in air duct cleaning, then this article here should help you out!

Always opt for reliable vent cleaning services

Never fall in for those companies which say that air duct cleaning can get done at the lowest possible price. This is because they do more harm than good. Vent cleaning is a highly professional job that should be undertaken by qualified personnel.

qualified air duct cleaning services

Before you hire qualified air duct cleaning services, ensure that you ask them the right questions. Make sure you get the right answers and then opt for the best home air duct cleaning service.

The various costs involved

Air duct cleaning can certainly cost you a good amount, anywhere from $300 to $800, if it is done in a professional way, with qualified and trustworthy technicians doing the job. The amount can also increase depending on the other services that homeowners take. Most of the reputed air duct cleaning services follow the standards and guidelines of National Air Duct Cleaners Association. They also use specialized equipment and tools, so that the dust and debris are completely removed from the air ducts and vents. Any company using inferior tools will only do an incomplete job and superficial cleaning of the air ducts. This further damages the duct work at your home.

The typical costs also depend on other factors such as:

  • The size of the property.
  • The size of the system to be cleaned.
  • The different types of services opted for.
  • The regional climate
  • The types of materials used inside the duct work.
  • The amount of debris, dust, mold particles, contaminants, pollutants etc.

best home air duct cleaning service

If the duct cleaning system in the home is an old one, then chances are that air ducts may contain asbestos in the insulation, boots and other areas. In this case, the costs can escalate as asbestos removal is a specialized process, requiring special equipment. Depending on the extent and the complexity, the total costs for air duct cleaning may go up.

A few more factors to consider

Although the general recommendation is that air ducts should be cleaned once in three to five years, there are some who do it more frequently. There are also others who believe in doing it themselves. In such cases, the costs vary. But whatever the case may, getting the qualified air duct cleaners to do the job is very beneficial.

Mold in the HVAC system should be addressed immediately, as they can cause health issues among the occupants of the house. If there are smokers in the house, or if there are pets, then the amount of dust and other pet dander, pollutants that contaminate the air are naturally more in numbers. In these situations, the air duct cleaning should be taken up at frequent intervals, which increases the costs.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Mold Remediation Done

household mold remediation process

The thought of dealing with a mold infection is a scary one. It could grow in your homes without being noticed and cause havoc to your home and well-being. There are different kinds of mold strains, but no matter which strain it is, they can be dangerous to your health and surroundings.

Many people may feel that they can get the home mold removal done themselves. This might not be possible always especially if the mold is spread over a large space. In such situations, it is advisable to get a professional household mold removal done for a more permanent and complete solution.

Why should you get mold remediation done?

efficient home mold remediation solution

Mold might not be visible always

The dangerous part about mold is that it can grow in a variety of hidden places. It might not even be visible to you unless it has caused a significant amount of damage.

It might begin in the spaces behind tiles or inside ducts. It could also grow behind the walls, in your basement, inside the drains or even in the attic. It requires moisture and humid conditions to thrive.

It might be tough to recognize the early signs. Some of them include plaster that is crumbling, or walls that that may feel wet to touch. Another sign is the musty smell that is caused in an otherwise well-maintained home.

For health reasons

Mold infections can be extremely dangerous to the health of the occupants of a mold-infested space. Since Mold produces allergens, it could be particularly harmful to sensitive individuals.

In some cases, it could lead to allergic reactions or asthma attacks. Some of the other side effects could be dizziness, nausea, and headaches or even skin rashes. These can be caused by the non-toxic mold strains.

issue of mold remediation

The most dangerous mold strain is known as the black mold and it can be even more dangerous. The symptoms could be toxic such as respiratory problems, skin inflammation etc. In some cases, it could even cause damage to the internal organs.

To protect your home

Mold can cause significant damage to the structure of the building. If it is not treated early it could damage the foundation and structural integrity of the building. In some extreme cases, the only solution would be to demolish the structure.

Mold spreads quickly and easily. It could also affect your personal possessions. If the issue of mold remediation is not addressed early, the process can get more tedious, more difficult and more expensive.

To prevent future occurrence

While it is important to find and eliminate the source of the mold, it is equally important to prevent it from occurring again. An efficient home mold remediation solution will ensure that you will not deal with this issue again.

The process would involve replacing any material that is affected. It could also involve applying special products that can restrain the development of mold.

Professional treatments work best

Professional mold removal specialists would offer you the best services. They have the technical expertise and professional equipment to give you a permanent solution. They will also be able to conduct the household mold remediation process in a fast, safe and efficient manner.


Mold infections if not treated in time can pose serious risks to your health and property. It is important to recognize the first signs of mold and take all the necessary steps to prevent any more damage. It is advisable to consult a professional so that mold remediation is not a cumbersome process.

10 Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpet steam cleaning

When you have a carpet, apart from enhancing the beauty of the room, it also adds to your cleaning list. If you have a carpet at home, it is difficult to ensure it is clean. Apart from the dust from the shoes, a number of stains will also need to be cleaned. Cleaning a carpet thoroughly like a professional carpet cleaning company, using the best carpet cleaner products or carpet stain removal products, sounds easier than it actually is Mix

best carpet steam cleaner

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Here are 10 quick tips to help you keep that carpet clean at all times:


Carpets tend to attract a lot of stains. The first instinct is to use a carpet cleaner and rub it off. Instead, blot it. Use a cloth or sponge dipped in cleaning solution and dab at the stain. This helps in soaking up the stain rather than rubbing it in. ensure you blot from the outside of the stain, to inwards to avoid the stain from spreading.

Club Soda

When you spill beer or wine on that beautiful carpet of yours, don’t panic. Get some club soda and blot the stain. If this doesn’t do the trick, mix one part water and one part white vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray it all over the stained area. Let it stay for about 10-15 minutes and then use a sponge to soak up all the solution along with the stain. Repeat the process till the stain is removed completely.

Shaving Cream

Apart from helping you remove that unwanted hair, it can help in getting rid of regular stains too. Apply the shaving cream on the stain and let it stay for half an hour, this will let it set. Now blot it out along with the stain. Finish off with a spray solution of one part vinegar with one part water and wipe it off.

Dried Gum

Nothing looks uglier than a dried piece of chewing gum on your carpet. Rub some ice on the gum to freeze it. Now lift it off with a spoon.

Dishwasher Solution

Use a couple of drops of grease cutting dishwasher detergent, mix it with water and spray it on the stained area. Blot it out with a cloth or a sponge to get rid of the stain. Repeat the process several times till all stain is removed.

Melt Wax

Wax dripped from candles can be difficult to clean out if you try scraping them. Instead, place a cloth on the wax and heat it up with an iron. This will loosen up the dried wax enough to be removed easily with a butter knife.

Hydrogen Peroxide

when you have a blood stain on your carpet, don’t fret. Mix a part of mild detergent with water and remove the stain. For the stain that remains, apply hydrogen peroxide on it directly. This will foam up and you can wipe it away with a dry cloth.

Organic Cleaners

When your pet has an accident on the carpet, clean it out efficiently with an organic cleaner rather than a harsh chemical.

Candy Clean

When kids spill candy on the carpets, scrape it out gently with a butter knife. Clean out all the sugar from that spot with a sponge dipped in a solution of water mixed with mild soap.

Deep Clean

Carpet steam cleaning can ensure your carpets look fresh and new for a long time. Search for the best carpet steam cleaner and let the professionals do their job.

These tricks can help you get rid of stains immediately so that the stain does not sink in. There are a number of professional carpet cleaners who can ensure your carpets are cleaned no matter what. Find yourself the best carpet cleaning companies around you and enjoy a clean carpet at all times.

5 Questions To Ask Your Carpet Cleaner

Professional Carpet cleaners

Professional Carpet cleaners really do a wonderful job when it comes to cleaning. But be beware. At first glance, they might offer great deals and look so professional. But they are doing a business and they are doing it for profit. Hence, remember that work done for cheap prices will always be of very poor quality and the so-called “best carpet cleaner” will be having no idea about cleaning the tough stained carpets. It is thus, our duty to identify the best carpet cleaning companies to avail the carpet cleaning services.

Here are 5 important questions who need to ask the Carpet Cleaners to help you assess them before hiring them.

Will the Carpet Cleaning Company guarantee their services in writing?

This is the first and foremost question to be put forward. We do not want to pay money for a work that is not worth the money paid. If the carpet and floors look the same even after they have done the cleaning, there is no use in engaging someone to do the professional carpet cleaning. Hence, the cleaning company should guarantee its service, that too in writing.

Carpet Cleaning Company

Do they offer free estimates/quotes?

If a cleaning company does not give free quotes or estimates before they start their work, then you might very well end up paying a larger bill. To avoid such surprises, ask the companies for free quotes. It will give a fair idea about the overall cost of doing the job. You can also use this estimate to compare it with other servicing companies’ quotes. You can thus hit a balance between price and good quality service.

What is the Technology they use for Carpet Cleaning?

There are so many efficient tools available today for cleaning. New technology has made cleaning easier and effective. For example, the best carpet steam cleaner is available to clean the carpet with less effort. Also, most of the carpet cleaning service make use of truck-mounted units for cleaning. It consists of a tank attached with a hose. This hose is used to suck water and dirt from the carpet into the tank. Even vacuum cleaners are not as effective as truck-mounted cleaning systems.

Can the Cleaning service give references from their other customers?

If a carpet cleaning service is not fake and is genuine in doing their job, then they will be able to provide us with their existing customers’ feedback and testimonial. This will give you an idea about the experiences of other customers and if they are happy with the services of the company. You will also be able to find out about the quality of their services and the amount of experience they have in this field.

carpet cleaning service

What type of chemicals are they using for cleaning?

This is a very important question as it involves the health of your family. It is essential to make use of environment-friendly products to clean the house. There are so many such products available in the market that have also proved to be effective in cleaning. Make sure that they use only safe products so that the floor and your home remain clean and healthy.

There are few other things that you need to make sure like whether the technician sent is insured or not, and what other preparations need to be made in advance before they come home for cleaning. Asking these questions will help you clear your doubts and you won’t be easily outsmarted by fraudsters.