Top 5 Hazards Of An Uninsulated Attic

An uninsulated attic calls for many hazards and disadvantages that can easily be avoided. Providing adequate and time insulation can save you a lot of unwanted problems and hassles and sheer negligence of ignorance of not knowing the hazards of uninsulated attics can prove to be an expensive and harmful decision.Uninsulated attics pose a lot of potential dangers and hazards for your family and home and cause a host of problems some of which are listed and discussed below-

Damage from moisture

In uninsulated attics, there is always a risk of moisture and dampness getting trapped inside this may lead to condensation and further lead to the formation of ice dams. Moisture also causes cracks and is a breeding ground for dangerous mold. Once the mold starts growing it also creates very foul smells. This may cause irreversible long-term damage. Blown in insulation helps to reduce moisture in attics and helps to keep it dry.

attic insulation blown in

Increased Allergies

Uninsulated attics are a really serious cause of allergies as they are prone to collect dust mites and other types of fungus and mold growth which may trigger a host of allergic reactions. Using blown attic insulation reduces the chances of allergy in the attics and this type of insulation uses absolutely virgin materials which have minimal chances of causing allergies.

Poor thermal performance

In uninsulated attics, the temperatures in winter are absolutely chilling and in summers the hot air seeps in through gaps in the ventilation causing the inside heat to rise up and decreases the temperature of the rooms in the winters. This is truer for the rooms directly beneath the attic. In blown in attic insulation, the blown material is much smaller and gets into the tiny cracks and crevices of your attic and does not allow any air to leak into the rest of the house.

Poor sound absorption

in many homes, people use the attic as a place to work or tinker around, or a place for playing music. In such homes insulating the attic is very essential. Firstly, for comfort and secondly for noise reduction.Uninsulated attics will cause a lot of disturbance to the other family members who are busy trying to concentrate on other jobs. for noise reduction attic insulation blown in is a very good option.

use the attic as a place to work

Bigger electricity bills

Due to their fairly large size attic insulation always takes a backseat. As attics do not get the insulation they actually require they become extremely hot is summer or very cold in winter. The air conditioning/insulation system inside the house is always in the process of heating or cooling floors below the attic. By avoiding or leaving attics uninsulated you are forcing your heating and cooling systems in the house to overwork, thus unnecessarily skyrocketing your electricity bills. Save money on your utility bills by opting for blown attic insulation.

After seeing the various hazards that can be caused by not insulating attics it is a wise decision to go in for blown insulation as this not only prevents heat and other hazards it also greatly lowers energy expenditure by lowering additional heating and cooling costs.