When do you need to clean your air duct?

Home air duct cleaning is one of the most neglected tasks. It is also one of the most important tasks. Often there aren’t many evident indicators of dirty air ducts. This is one main reason why people only hire air duct cleaning companies when the condition gets worse already.

If you choose to regularly clean the air ducts you might be able to do it yourself, provided you have the right tools.

How frequently should you be performing air vent cleaning?

Air duct cleaning services aren’t cheap. And unless you hire a reliable vendor there is no guarantee that you would get quality service for the money paid. Before getting into the stage of hiring a service, you should first understand how often air duct cleaning has to be done.

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Though vent cleaning is essential it doesn’t have to be done every month. For an average household, duct cleaning services might only be needed once in 3-5 years.

For Pet owners

For pet owners however the frequency would differ based on how much the pet sheds. During the seasons where the pet sheds there might be a lot of hair and fur getting collected in the vents.

For New Homes

For a newly constructed house, cleaning the air duct once before moving in would be a good choice. During the construction there might be a lot of debris accumulated in the ducts.

Most Common Areas That Need Air Duct Cleaning

there are always some places that need more often air duct cleaning services than others. for example, Dallas, Texas, since that Texas is a big open country and there a lot of dust in the air the air duct systems over there get dirty very often and because of that it’s better to use air duct cleaning Dallas service every 6 months.

Rental / Remodeled Homes

If you are moving in to a house, new or rented, it would be a good choice to hire duct cleaning services. Even after major remodeling and renovation projects air ducts might have to be cleaned.

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Indications that your air duct needs cleaning

The above mentioned cases are generic. If there are any particular issues that are to be addressed, like say mold infestation your might have to immediately hire vent cleaning service.

  1. If you see visible growth of mold and mildew on the vent approach reliable air duct cleaning companies at once. Mold and mildew might cause fine particle to be suspended in the indoor air. This would deteriorate the indoor air purity. It would also result in a musty smell sometimes when things get worse.
  2. When you turn on the HVAC system of the house, if you notice dust coming from the vents, it should not be ignored.
  3. Accumulation of debris in supply registers is another thing to look out for. When there is a lot of lint and pet hair these might often enter the vents and eventually deposit in the supply registers.
  4. If you suddenly find flying insect infestation in the house or rodent infestation, check your vents. Sometimes dirty air ducts cause pest infestation. Vermin infestation in the house is associated with a lot of causes. But dirty air ducts is one of the main causes that you might not often think of.

Cleaning the air ducts regularly would ensure that your HVAC systems function efficiently. It would help maintain the system and prevent frequent repairs. This would also result in better indoor air quality.