Top 5 hazards of a dirty air duct

Every year, the amount spent on air duct cleaning services is increasing. There are people who choose to do it themselves too. But once in a while, some professional duct cleaning services might be required to indoor absolute safety and maintenance of the air ducts.

Air ducts are not in the visible zone. So they might often be ignored. When was the last time you cleaned your air duct? If you haven’t done it anytime in the recent past, now would be a good time to do it. Did you know that indoor air is said to be more polluted than outdoor air? A dirty air duct can aggravate the condition. Here are some of the harmful effects associated with dirty air ducts:

Deterioration of the quality of indoor air

The system which is supposed to be regulating and conditioning your indoor air would end up polluting it if the air ducts are dirty. Most people rely on duct cleaning services regularly mainly to maintain the quality of the indoor air. Especially during the pollen season, if there are pollen and fine dust in the air duct it would cause a lot of problems. No matter how good the filter is, some fine dust might always manage to get through. Regularly vent cleaning can help eliminate them and thus keep a check on the indoor air quality.

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Allergies and respiratory issues

The fine dust let through due to dirty air ducts might often go unnoticed. You might not always be able to see the suspended particles. When you operate with dirty air ducts then it might result in respiratory conditions. Unexplained allergies, cough and other respiratory illness of any family member would be a possible sign that it is time for air vent cleaning.

Mold and pest infestation

If the fine dust and allergens accumulated in your air duct are pretty less, the ducts still need cleaning. Dirty ducts might easily allow the growth of mildew and mold. Moisture in the air would assist the growth of mold. This would further worsen the indoor air quality. In worse cases, you would begin noticing a musty odor indoors due to the mold growth in the ducts. This, when left unnoticed, would be followed by rodent and insect infestation and the condition only gets worse. So it is better to opt for a vent cleaning service on time.

An increase in energy bills

Dust and dirt in the duct can sometimes lead to clogging. A dirty air duct would cause additional strain on your HVAC system. So you would start noticing an increase in the energy bills even when your consumption pattern hasn’t changed.

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Fire hazards

If there is a lot of fine dust and debris collected in the duct there are other dangers associated. There are numerous cases of house fires reported due to dirty air ducts. Especially in the cases where there are pets at home, if pet hair, fabric lint and other similar particles get accumulated in the air ducts they prove dangerous. They can sometimes lead to static and cause fires.

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Knowing the hazards associated with dirty air ducts, plan a vent cleaning soon and keep your family safe.