How To Stop Getting Victimized From Duct Cleaning Scam

There are various fraudulent services who lure gullible consumers by tempting them with low prices. One such example is air duct cleaning companies.

It is not uncommon to find these companies offering their air duct cleaning services for rates so low that many people fall prey to them. Despite the awareness, many people still end up being victimized by this air duct cleaning scam.

How Air Duct Cleaning Companies Get Your Attention?

  • Low prices:
    The easiest way for an incompetent vent cleaning service to get your attention is by offering unbelievable low prices. The goal of such companies or contractors is only to get money from any unsuspecting customers.
  • Health concerns:
    After telling you about their low prices their cost quickly changes after they visit the location where vent cleaning is required. They would tell you about the presence of mold in the duct system and use health concerns as an effective tactic.

Some of them may stress about how unsafe the location is and say that you must leave the place for health reasons.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Tips to Keep in Mind to Avoid Getting Victimized

  • Check the price:
    The offer of a ridiculously low price is one of the best signs to keep in mind to avoid falling prey to any bogus air vent cleaning service. It is always best to stay away from these too good to be true offers.
    A good practice would be to ask for a quote on the phone before the first visit. Sometimes it might not be possible to get a quote but it is worth a try.
    A low price may also denote that the company may adopt shortcuts to provide their services.Usually, any good quality service will charge a higher cost and will be worth it in the long run.
  • Check the time taken:
    On an average, the time taken to get the air duct cleaning could be anywhere between three to four hours. Stay away from contractors who offer to do the job in an hour. They would only use basic equipment such as a vacuum cleaner and this will not accomplish the task properly.
    A reliable vent cleaning service would use good and proper equipment and clean all the various components of the system thoroughly.
  • Research well:
    With so many air duct cleaners offering their services, it becomes the responsibility of the homeowner to choose a reliable one. Always look for certified professionals who deal with customers patiently and politely. They must be able to address all the questions and concerns in a calm manner.

Check The Contracts

Also, check that the contracts are simple and do not have any hidden charges included. The company must have an online presence such as a website where you can see pictures of the work that they have performed. You can look for online reviews which give you a fair idea about the quality of work and the reputation of the vent cleaners.


Having the required information about a company which provides duct cleaning services can ensure that you do not have to deal with a scam. There are companies who are honest and reliable and can give you a fair price for the home air duct cleaning services. It is all about finding a balance so that you do not have to lose your hard-earned money.